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Life is rhythm. Find your groove with interactive rhythm and drumming.

Rhythmallogy is the playful study of building human connection and potential through an engaging, interactive drumming and rhythmic experience. Head rhythmallogist, Aaron Kierbel, facilitates rhythm games, ice-breakers and challenges as well as an exploration of rhythms from around the world. A typical program includes many opportunities for participants to deepen their capacity to listen and respond in the moment, strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills, relieve stress, and have fun with positive activities for the mind, body and spirit.


education + teambuilding

A blend of rhythm fundamentals, drumming and social-emotional skills for all ages and skill levels. Improve teamwork, communication and motivation as well as clarify group values.

integrated wellness

Founded on evidence-based scientific research on the benefits of drumming, this program is designed to promote emotional and physical well-being, such as boosting the immune system, stress reduction and improved mood states.

events + celebrati


Bring some groove and make people move for a special occasion. Drumming for celebration infuses a sense of joy and participation.

interactive storytelling

Stories are brought to life through live drumming and audience participation.

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