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Rhythmallolgy works with schools, organizations, companies, private events, and more. There is no place rhythm can’t go.

Bringing rhythm and connection to your next event has never been easier. Rhythmallolgy curates programs for any and all ability levels and ages. Whether you are growing your company’s team-building or bringing joy to communities, Rhythmallolgy will enhance the experience through creativity, connection, and beats.



  • Alameda Juvenile Hall

  • Attitudinal Healing Connection

  • Bread and Roses

  • Compass Children’s Center

  • Creative Mornings

  • Destiny Arts

  • East Bay Center for Performing Arts

  • Edgewood Center for Children and Their Families

  • Hamilton Family Center

  • Late Nite Art

  • LEAP

  • Performing Arts Workshop

  • Rhythm and Moves

  • San Francisco County Jail

  • Seneca Families

  • Stratford Schools

  • Support For Families Services

The pure joy of watching women who have survived so much in their lives make music and share a community space is a testament to Aaron’s gift of using music to break down barriers and create community.
— Alison, Mary Elizabeth Inn

His performance comprised of impeccable timing, truck loads of energy, the right amount of drama and an amazing learning experience.
— Amina, Stratford Schools

Aaron is the go-to rhythm master in the Bay Area.
— Adam, Late Nite Art